10 Random Facts about Ashley Liberty

Since I was tagged by jennyyyjenn might as well.

1. I’m naturally good at art. Won a ton of art awards as a child.

2. My mentality sometimes comes off as a man.

3. I’m a very passionate person. I put passion into everything I do. Modeling, acting, photography, sketching, painting.

4. I love improv acting!

5. I’m an excellent baker.

6. I love movies, crime and murder television shows, and animal television programs as well.

7. I’ve perfected the cross-eyed routine.

8. I have a pet ball python.

9. I’m terrified of spiders.

10. Once something interests me, I study it….obsessively lol creeper. For example (movies, books, musical artists, people)

The most random facts I can think of. It’s your turn





The Pressure - Jhené Aiko

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